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Feb 25

Typeface film

A documentary about artists and historians trying to preserve a dying craft.

Feb 25

Somewhere between abstraction and figuration

Taken from great blog “but does it float“.

Painting by Joan Miró.

Feb 25

Cardboard Love

Music sounds a lot better when it makes me think of you.

Feb 24

David Hockney

It is very good advice to believe only what an artist does, rather than what he says about his work.
Feb 16

Mark Weaver

Love Mark’s work. I love how he juxtaposes vintage, classic faded imagery with clean lines, shapes, colors and type.  You will find references to astronomy, grids and guns. Bang Bang. Weaver effing kills it.


Feb 16

Valerie Roybal

I love these collages of strips of book pages. This would make marvelous wallpaper.

View more of Valerie’s work.


Feb 16

Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Collection


Janine, from Uppercase, hosts a Flickr album dedicated to her extensive typewriter ribbon collection. Great vintage images!

Feb 15

Roll & Tumble Press


Feb 10

Website Buro – logomark


Feb 10

Unify – logomark