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May 27

Adian Koch – Variations of Red

Arrow to Arrow.

May 21

A Deer Wearing Gym Socks

This needs no explanation. Lovely painting.

Charmaine Olivia


May 21

J Bennett Fitts

Great photographs of empty, no-tell Motel swimming pools that create an eerie sense of isolation and abandonment.


May 19

Catch Isle


May 14

ISO50 – Scott Hansen


May 13

Rasmus Norlander

Wonderful photographs by Rasmus Norlander. A few remind me of scenes in the film Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. Imperial Walkers, yo!



May 10

Charles Ross – Brad Radke

Being a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, I despise the Minnesota Twins. That includes Brad Radke (sorry Brad). But I still gotta give props to Charles Ross for his nice graphic design work for the Twinkies pitcher.

This identity system and memorabilia design display was put together in honor of Brad Radke’s retirement.

Charles Ross’ Behance profile