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Jun 30

Christopher Çolak

Cool piece of graphic design using a background image of overlapping torn paper from a billboard.

“Cover of my “Kirk Harf” (Forty Letters) book. All photos & graphic design by Christopher Çolak.”


Jun 30

New Orleans Tradition


Jun 30

Hand Lettering – Adam R Garcia

From his blog, The Pressure Is Good For You.


Jun 21

Volkswagen – Follow No One

Really cool flash experience where you move the car around the space to explore the videos and content.


Jun 17

Detroit – A City In Ruins

These great photographs can be found on The Motor(less) City.  So sad – Detroit, once a flourishing city, is now mostly in ruins.


Jun 14

Lilian Liem – Lost in Tokyo



Jun 10

Kathreen Ricketson – Whip Up Mini Quilts

I’m not that big into quilts and quilting, but these are lovely. I especially love the ones in the bathroom. Great artwork!


Jun 09

Richard Pearse

“I am a big fan of Robert Rauschenberg and his ability to take items that were lying around and turn them into lush pieces of artwork. I was always very moved by how beautiful something made up of such mundane and throw away items could look when placed together with consideration.

My art is really heavily influenced by the music I’m inspired by and attempting to create. I think about music in terms of loud and quiet colors, textures and patterns, and to me a lot of these pieces are interpretations of songs or parts of songs. Songs are made up of a series of interlocking pieces that work well together and this is what I try to create with my art.”

These are the words of artist Richard Pearse. He puts a modern spin on the techniques developed by likes of Rauschenberg and pulls it off in a unique fashion. I would kill to have one of these pieces hanging in my living room.