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Archive for September, 2010

Sep 27

Travel + Leisure 2010 Food Issue Mailer

Screen printed United States map with the borders of the 50 states replaced by the tasty local foods, typical of each state or city. Brilliant!


Sep 27

Studio Mpls – Salon Modern

Great branding project for a cool modern salon. I love the wall graphics!


Sep 22

Aqua Velvet – World of Logotypes

These logos are beyond brilliant. I especially love the fox.


Sep 20

37 Posters Movie Posters

Check out these sweet type collage posters by 37 Posters! Buy prints, tee shirts and other cool stuff here.

Sep 18

Bennett Robot Works

Incredible retro robots designed by Gordon Bennett of Bennett Robot Works. These delightful creatures were made from found materials and mechanical parts and each have their own names! Posters are available here.

Sep 17

Nerd Bots

Married couple Nicholas and Angela from Kansas City, Missouri build robots out of cool antiques / vintage objects! What a great idea! I’m going to buy one.