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Aug 17

Seth Nickerson

Love the work coming from Seth Nickerson. Check his stuff out here. In case that doesn’t convince you he’s a baller, check here.

Aug 08

Frank Chimero – The Shape of Design

Looking forward to reading this book.


Aug 08

Big Lebowski – poster

Really cool movie poster. Love the green and yellow color scheme.


Aug 08

Dee Adams – Loft Space


Aug 08

Robert Milam

Very nice logo by Robert Milam. Source.

View more of his work here.

Aug 03

Google Developer Day 2011

Some nice illustrations of each city and some stellar javascript / canvas animation. Huge props to whoever designed and developed this.

Aug 01

Nick Brue

Superb design work from Nick Brue.  I especially love the Primary Brewing Co stuff. Incorporating the slot machine icons inside the label is brilliant.

View his work here.