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Jul 09


I saw this mural at SFMOMA a while back.  I was memorized by the stark black and white imagery and smiling at the clever, irreverent humor. I love his work.

Le Le – Breakfast from magnetron music on Vimeo.

From his website:

“Dutch artist Parra (1976) is best known for his curved post-Pop imagery, highly saturated colours, vibrant hand-drawn letters and worlds inhabited by hybrid, surreal characters. Celebrated by galleries and championed by an underground following from the outset, Parra has quickly become a respected and eclectic artist worldwide. Working across drawing, painting, animation and sculpture, Parra creates an enigmatic and instantly recognisable style that defies easy categorisation. Parra is cofounder of cult apparel label Rockwell Clothing and a member of electronic music group Le Le. Parra Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.”

Apr 20

Mac Premo – The Dumpster Project

“I think that we define ourselves through the things that we collect and the things that we keep,” Premo says in a video about the project. “I think we imbue meaning into objects and I think subsequently those objects become a record of who you are.”


Jan 30

Jack Daniel’s Does Letterpress

Jack Daniel’s Does Letterpress from Aggrodesign on Vimeo.

View the finished posters at jackindependence.com.

Client: Jack Daniels
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Group Creative Director: Wade Devers
Art Director: Travis Robertson
Copywriter: Bryan Karr
DP: Paper Fortress
Music: Matt Morelock

Jan 03

Dusty Signs

Dusty Signs from Hunter Johnson on Vimeo.

Traditional hand-lettering by Dan Madsen. Check out his work here.

Jan 03

Shepard Fairey – Asbury Park

Shepard Fairey Paints Asbury Park from Adam Worth on Vimeo.

Mar 14

A Brief History of Title Design

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Jul 11

Big Bang Big Boom

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Without a doubt one of the most creative pieces of stop motion / graffiti I’ve ever seen. Simply amazing!

Mar 12

Mean Streets


Mar 10

8-bit Lebowski

The Dude, Walter Sobchak and The Jesus. All pixelated 8-bit Nintendo® style.

I want to play this game sooo bad!!

&$&% it dude. Let’s go bowling.


Feb 25

Typeface film

A documentary about artists and historians trying to preserve a dying craft.