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Apr 11

Hip Hop Heads – Dale Edwin Murray

Check out more of Dale Edwin Murray’s work here.

Mar 27

Always With Honor – Home Sweet Home

I love this set of line art illustrations from Elsa and Tyler from Always with honor.

Dec 06

Erwin Hines – Puma Annual Report

Check out more of Erwin’s work here.

Dec 02

Nick Agin – Old Timey Star Wars


Dec 02

Dan Blackman

Check out more of Dan’s work here.

Nov 23

Alexandra Clotfelter – Occupy Wall Street Poster

I absolutely love this poster.  So brilliant in its simplicity of form and color.  So dynamic as well.

Check out more of Alexandra’s work here.

Source.  More posters at occuprint.org.

Nov 17

Anderson Design Group – Travel Posters

Check out more incredible illustration work from Anderson Design Group.

Jul 26

The Artfuls

This is great platform for illustrators to display their work. There are interviews, downloadable wallpaper graphics and a “look book” section where you can quickly scan through work to find inspiration.  The website design is stellar too.


Jul 20

Allan Peters – Nike Motocross


Excellent series of logos and all very unique from one another.  Allan has a tremendous portfolio. Check it out here.

Jun 02

Erik Marinovich

SourceAnother Source.

View more of Erik’s work here.