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Jan 18

Richard Photo Lab – Jonathan Lawrence

This website is so great.  Clean, responsive, great color scheme, lovely subtle texture, great type, very readable and usable.


See more of Jonathan Lawrence’s work here and his Dribbble page here.

Oct 16

dConstruct 2012 Conference




Fully responsive web development site, and awesome design! Love the color overlays on the black and white photography, and the subtle geometric shapes in the background. Adds some nice texture.

Check it out here: http://2012.dconstruct.org/

Sep 18

Linda Eliasen

Linda has some really great work. Check it out here.

Feb 07

Ryan Sims – Chitwood & Hobbs

I absolutely love the design and spirit of this blog.  Love all the crisp, Futura type, the headings are great and the black & white background photos are epic.

“Chitwood & Hobbs is a blog dedicated to the intersection of sports and culture as curated by Ryan Sims and Nick Hall. We have a soft spot for the 70s and 80s before sports was all about statistics, global brands, or the 24/7 news cycle — when there only was winning.” (taken from the About page on chitwoodandhobbs.com)

Dec 06

Michael P McMillan

This guy makes me sick (mainly because he’s still in school).  Lovely portfolio, logo and I love the 3D dropshadow effect on the thumbnails.

Check his website out here.

Dec 06

Marcell Póka – Lemon and Mint


Such an excellent identity.  Love how the branding carries through to both print and web so nicely. And the yellow is just so lemony. Well done I say.

View more of Marcell’s work here and here.

Aug 08

Frank Chimero – The Shape of Design

Looking forward to reading this book.


Aug 03

Google Developer Day 2011

Some nice illustrations of each city and some stellar javascript / canvas animation. Huge props to whoever designed and developed this.

Jul 26

The Artfuls

This is great platform for illustrators to display their work. There are interviews, downloadable wallpaper graphics and a “look book” section where you can quickly scan through work to find inspiration.  The website design is stellar too.


May 12


Web, print and branding agency formed comprised by Trent Walton, Dave Rupert and Reagan Ray. They worked on gems such as themanyfacesof.com, and Lost World’s Fairs.  I love the illustrations, the watercolor-esce background and the care of which they’ve arranged the type.