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Feb 07

Ryan Sims – Chitwood & Hobbs

I absolutely love the design and spirit of this blog.  Love all the crisp, Futura type, the headings are great and the black & white background photos are epic.

“Chitwood & Hobbs is a blog dedicated to the intersection of sports and culture as curated by Ryan Sims and Nick Hall. We have a soft spot for the 70s and 80s before sports was all about statistics, global brands, or the 24/7 news cycle — when there only was winning.” (taken from the About page on chitwoodandhobbs.com)

May 10

Charles Ross – Brad Radke

Being a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, I despise the Minnesota Twins. That includes Brad Radke (sorry Brad). But I still gotta give props to Charles Ross for his nice graphic design work for the Twinkies pitcher.

This identity system and memorabilia design display was put together in honor of Brad Radke’s retirement.

Charles Ross’ Behance profile