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Oct 16

All You Can Eat Press – Donut Map

Check it out here: http://allyoucaneatpress.com

Apr 25

Matt Stevens – Nike Air Max project

Incredibly rad. I especially love the Dr. Seuss one. And the Tatooine and Death Star (Star Wars) ones.

Check out Matt’s work here.

Feb 07

Ryan Sims – Chitwood & Hobbs

I absolutely love the design and spirit of this blog.  Love all the crisp, Futura type, the headings are great and the black & white background photos are epic.

“Chitwood & Hobbs is a blog dedicated to the intersection of sports and culture as curated by Ryan Sims and Nick Hall. We have a soft spot for the 70s and 80s before sports was all about statistics, global brands, or the 24/7 news cycle — when there only was winning.” (taken from the About page on chitwoodandhobbs.com)

Mar 15

Rifle Paper Company

Rifle Paper Co. is a boutique stationary brand and design studio based in Winter Park, Florida created by Anna Bond together with her husband Nathan.

Futura and Archer play so nicely together on their site. Just lovely.


Mar 01

Rogue Wave – Permalight – Pandora

I just love the colors of this homepage takeover on Pandora’s site. Rogue wave’s new album art is sweet as well.

Feb 16

Mark Weaver

Love Mark’s work. I love how he juxtaposes vintage, classic faded imagery with clean lines, shapes, colors and type.  You will find references to astronomy, grids and guns. Bang Bang. Weaver effing kills it.