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Jan 03

Shepard Fairey – Asbury Park

Shepard Fairey Paints Asbury Park from Adam Worth on Vimeo.

May 22

Hush – Twin

Hush “Twin” Opening at New Image Art from G7D on Vimeo.

This is some of the most incredible street art I’ve seen in a long while. I freakin’ love this.

Jan 10

London and Barcelona trip

I recently returned from a holiday/New Years Euro-trip to London and Barcelona.  I must say, it was quite the good time.  My first time in Europe (which is ridiculous I know – but hey I’ve been poor until now so lay off me) and my first time experiencing New Years outside the US of A.  Besides getting deathly ill in London (#swineflu?) and barely making my flights due to the stupid, faulty iPhone, I’d say it was a success.  Scrumptious food in both places, Guinness in London that flows like wine, delicious red wine in Spain that flows like.. wine, gorgeous woman and a plethora of photo ops. Yes, London and Barcelona I think I love you both.

Due to attention deficit disorder and pure laziness, I’m just going to list some cool stuff I did while in both London and Barcelona instead of writing full, explanatory sentences.

London: working at our London office with my super rad British colleagues, minding the Gap in the Underground, the South Bank, London Eye, delicious ice-cold Guinness, fish & chips, traditional English breakfast, yummy curry at one of the many Indian restaurant establishments on Brick Lane (haggling/bargaining skills recommended), bar hopping in Camden and Brick Lane, Museum of Natural History and a Wildlife Photography exhibit (amazing); Les Misérables at the Queens Theatre (incredible performance), delicious Spanish tapas and red wine at Iberica restaurant, and a work holiday party that could only be described in one word: carnage.

Barcelona: walking literally everywhere (didn’t take public trans once), getting lost (on purpose) in the maze that is the historic Gothic Quarter in Old Barcelona, eating Spanish tapas and drinking red wine (obviously), Gaudi architecture: Park Güell, Sagrada Familia (awe inspiring. it changed my life), Casa Batlló and others, Picasso museum, Joan Miró museum, Museum of Modern Art, avoiding La Rambla at all costs, eating dinner at 9pm and not “going out” until after midnight, siestas (best thing since caffeine), Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, seeing some great graffiti all over the place, witnessing numerous people getting mugged and pick-pocketed, having an AMAZING New Years celebration at a cozy, quaint Italian restaurant that looked like something from The Godfather, celebrating the New Year until 6:30am at some hip café turned bar/dance club (where the DJ disc jockeyed using a GameBoy), staying at an awesome bed and breakfast with the most wonderful hosts ever, finding an EtchASketch (which are made in Bryan, Ohio – 5 miles from my hometown) at a cool bar called “Cassette” where the lamp shades were made out of cassette tapes, drank absinthe at some ancient bar called Bar Marsella, watched some 8 year old skate-or-die do Tony Hawk-esce tricks in the park, had a near Jean Paul (Seinfeld) moment when my iPhone alarm didn’t work and I didn’t trust the Spanish speaking front desk guy to wake me up in the morning (he had it in for me!). And finally, I met some new friends that I’ll never forget!

On the morning of January 1st, 2011, I walked out to the Barcelona pier to get some sun and to self-reflect on my trip and the year that had just passed.  It was quiet – the boats lay motionless on the undisturbed water and most likely many the tourists were still hungover from bringing in the new year the night before.  An Italian tourist walked up to where I was sitting and asked if I could take his picture.  After snapping his photo with the beautiful bay in the background, instead of saying “have a good day,” he told me “have a good year.”

Yes, have a good year indeed. I believe I will.

Jul 27

Gaia in Korea

Ungnyeo in Namdaemun from Gaia Uroboros on Vimeo.

Amazing street art by Gaia. Some of his work was in the Mission, San Francisco.


Heist Gallery

Gaia’s vimeo page


Jul 11

Big Bang Big Boom

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Without a doubt one of the most creative pieces of stop motion / graffiti I’ve ever seen. Simply amazing!

Jun 17

Detroit – A City In Ruins

These great photographs can be found on The Motor(less) City.  So sad – Detroit, once a flourishing city, is now mostly in ruins.


Jan 11

Kevin Cyr








I’ve seen a ton of trucks like this driving around San Francisco. Looks like Kevin Cyr beat me to the punch. He recreates them on canvas, every detail intact.  Brilliant. I want one for my living room wall.  View more of this work.


Oct 08

{ths} Thomas Schostok








Thomas Schostok is a designer from Germany and he makes me sick his designs are so badass.  He mixes sweet typography with graffiti, trash and collage to produce some amazing work in all mediums.

Check it out

Jul 06

Jessica Hess








Brilliant photo realistic paintings of graffiti art.

Jun 09

The Journal of Urban Typography






The Journal of Urban Typography is a photography collection of homemade signs in urban neighborhoods. Some nasty, some beautiful. Some so nasty they’re beautiful.