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Oct 16

All You Can Eat Press – Donut Map

Check it out here: http://allyoucaneatpress.com

Apr 19

Lorena Siminovich – Collage on Wood

I love this collage poster; it really captures all the great landmarks and city culture of San Francisco and New York. Buy her stuff at Petit Collage.

Jan 10

TBS – Conan TV graphics

TBS always seems to have great graphics for their ad spots.  I just wanted to document these from an episode I just watched.

Oct 26

James West – Royal Wedding Info Graphic


Jul 26

The Artfuls

This is great platform for illustrators to display their work. There are interviews, downloadable wallpaper graphics and a “look book” section where you can quickly scan through work to find inspiration.  The website design is stellar too.


Feb 25

Somewhere between abstraction and figuration

Taken from great blog “but does it float“.

Painting by Joan Miró.